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Oh baby! In one book 100 leading parenting experts author their own chapters filled with must-have advice for expecting and new parents. The result: THE EXPERTS' GUIDE TO THE BABY YEARS , a chronological guide walking parents through the first two years from naming a baby to planning your next pregnancy, with breastfeeding, bathing, and bonding in between.

100 Chapters
1. Choose a Name Laura Wattenberg
2. Budget for a New Baby  Liz Pulliam Weston
3. Design a Nursery Wendy Bellissimo
4. Choose a Pediatrician Michel Cohen
5. Buy Life Insurance Ben G. Baldwin
6. Write a Will Gary Schatsky
7. Prepare Your Relationship for Parenting Gayle Peterson
8. Help Your Child Welcome a New Sibling Nancy Samalin
9. Prepare Your Pet for Baby’s Arrival Nancy Peterson
10. Prepare for Baby’s Arrival Home Sandy Jones
11. Select and Install a Car Seat Jennifer Huebner
12. Baby Proof  Debra Smiley Holtzman
13. Breastfeed Wendy Haldeman and Corky Harvey
14. Bottle Feed  Loraine Stern
15. Recover From a C-Section Rita Rubin
16. Protect Baby From Harmful Germs Philip M. Tierno Jr.
17. Distinguish Healthy Versus Sick Signs  Tanya Remer Altmann
18. Reduce the Risk of SIDS Fern R. Hauck
19. Prepare for an Emergency Mark Widome
20. Identify and Treat Colic Barry Lester
21. Calm a Crying Baby Harvey Karp
22. Swaddle Andrea Sarvady
23. Care for Baby’s Penis Cara Familian Natterson
24. Recognize Post Partum Depression Karen Kleiman
25. Get in Shape After Childbirth Pamela Peeke
26. Reduce and Eliminate Stretch Marks Howard Murad
27. Pack a Diaper Bag Kate Spade
28. Prevent and Treat Diaper Rash Steven P. Shelov
29. Practice Good Diapering Etiquette Trisha Thompson
30. Be a Stylish New Mom Liz Lange
31. Nurture Your Marriage Carol Ummel Lindquist
32. Maintain Your Sex Life Valerie Davis Raskin
33. Embrace Your Role as a New Mother Ann Pleshette Murphy
34. Take Care of Yourself as a New Mother Debra Gilbert Rosenberg
35. Be a Great Father Armin Brott
36. Develop Good Parenting Habits Laurence Steinberg
37. Trust Your Instincts as a New Parent Lu Hanessian
38. Handle Unsolicited Parenting Advice Paula Spencer
39. Find Your Inner Patience Jan Faull
40. Manage Relationships with Your Parents and In-Laws Gail Saltz
41. Be a Loving Grandparent Arthur Kornhaber
42. Bathe Your Baby Lillian M. Beard
43. Massage Your Baby Michelle Ebbin
44. Groom Your Baby Claire McCarthy
45. Dress Your Baby Euan Rellie and Lucy Sykes
46. Wear Your Baby Maria Blois
47. Document Baby’s Life Lisa Bearnson
48. Photograph Baby Tom Arma
49. Track Developmental Milestones Alan Greene
50. Promote Motor Development Lise Elliot
51. Do Yoga with Baby Helen Garabedian
52. Read to Baby Susan Straub
53. Introduce Baby to Music Don Campbell
54. Teach Baby to Self-Soothe Suzy Giordano
55. Work with Baby’s Temperament Jan Kristal
56. Get Baby to Sleep Through the Night Marc Weissbluth
57. Teach Baby to Nap Jodi A. Mindell
58. Organize Life with Baby Stacy DeBroff
59. Care for a Toddler and a Newborn Molly Gold
60. Achieve Balance as a New Parent Mimi Doe
61. Choose Between Working and Staying Home Wendy Sachs
62. Return to Work  Maria Bailey
63. Adjust to Life as Stay At-Home Parent Martha M. Bullen and Darcie Sanders
64. Choose a Childcare Option Ann Douglas
65. Interview a Babysitter or Nanny Michelle LaRowe
66. Help Baby Develop a Secure Attachment Jude Cassidy and Bert Powell
67. Teach Baby to Sign Linda Acredolo and Susan Goodwyn
68. Take Baby to a Restaurant Elysa Marco and Oli Mittermaier
69. Protect Baby From the Sun Nelson Lee Novick
70. Recognize and Handle Ear Infections Donald W. Schiff
71. Manage Teething Bill Sears
72. Care for Baby’s Teeth Fred Ferguson
73. Help Baby Learn Language Alice Sterling Honig
74. Laugh with Baby Karen Deerwester
75. Engage Baby in Play Claire Lerner
76. Choose Toys Kathy A. Hirsch-Pasek and Roberta Michnik Golinkoff
77. Instill Values in Your Baby Michele Borba
78. Manage Separation Anxiety Martha Farrell Erickson
79. Maintain Friendships with Childless Friends Marla Paul
80. Meet New Parents Lolita Carrico
81. Buy Baby Shoes Laura Jana
82. Start Baby on Solid Foods Linda G. Hsieh
83. Wean from the Breast Heather Kelly
84. Feed Baby Nutritiously Jay Gordon
85. Make Baby Food Cat Cora
86. Plan a Vacation with Baby Pauline Frommer
87. Pack for Travel with Baby Natalie Pechacek
88. Fly with Baby Tracy Gallagher
89. Introduce Baby to Swimming Kathy and Rob McKay
90. Raise Baby in a City Kathy Bishop and Julia Whitehead
91. Set a Playdate Beth Teitell
92. Manage Aggressive Behavior Debbie Glasser
93. Handle Temper Tantrums Robin Goldstein
94. Discipline Your Baby Elizabeth Pantley
95. Plan a Birthday Party Linda Kaye
96. Save for College Carrie Schwab Pomerantz
97. Wean From the Pacifier, Bottle, and Thumb Mark L. Brenner
98. Toilet Train  Nathan H. Azrin
99. Create Family Traditions Susan Newman
100. Plan Your Next Pregnancy Toni Weschler
SAMANTHA ETTUS is the creator of the bestselling Experts' Guide series of books, offering knowledge seekers trustworthy and entertaining advice in a "CliffsNotes" format. She is a correspondent on WNBC's New York 360° and has appeared in a number of national media outlets including the Today Show, The O'Reilly Factor, The New York Times, and USA Today. Samantha pens a nationally syndicated column through Scripps Howard, is a columnist for Modern Mom, and a Contributing Editor for 02138.

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